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Michael Segal

Specializing in editorial-style weddings, Segal brings his professional experience as a fashion and celebrity photographer into the wedding itself. He has built a career as a professional photographer who has worked with talents such as the Foo Fighters, John Mayer, and Carrie Underwood.

Teresa and Saul at Vibiana. Los Angeles

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Event Planned by Flavia Lamoglia from Allure Events Atelier

Photography by Michael Segal Photography

Ceremony and Reception Location at Vibiana

Getting Ready Location at Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills

Wedding Dress by Romona Keveza and Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Flowers by Celios Design

Rentals by Revelry Event Designers

Makeup by Astrid Gonzalez

Cake by The Butter End and Desserts by Rafi’s Pastry

Violinist – Esther Anaya

Photo Booth by OC Photo Booth

Anat and Chris – Beverly Hills Hotel

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Wedding location at Beverly Hills Hotel 

Planned by Leah Bleiweis from Your Big Day Of

Photo by Michael Segal Photography

Flowers by Flower Girls Los Angeles

Adamson House, Malibu – Sacha and Chad

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A Moroccan theme wedding, California beauty and one fabulous love story are the highlights of our gorgeous featured wedding, all captured through the lens of Michael Segal Photography. This fusion of vibrant colors and creativity will certainly transport you to a day of love and festive cheer. You would never believe that this day of beauty was planned in just under a month with the support and expertise of event planner Debbie Geller of Geller Events.

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Stars Align

A private matchmaker in Los Angeles predicted that Sacha and Chad would be perfect for one another – and there’s nothing like being right! Taking it slow at first when they met in January, the couple did not really connect until two months later when fate stepped in and the stars aligned. Once Sacha and Chad fell for one another, they decided not to waste another moment of life’s precious gift – true love. The night of Chad’s unconventional proposal at a Swedish heavy metal concert, they actually began discussing the details of their nuptials amongst a sea of black-clad, tattooed Angelenos, as they sang along with the band.

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Bridal Bliss

Sacha was radiant in her Inbal Dror Couture gown she purchased at Panache Beverly Hills. She polished her bohemian bridal style with Badgley Mischkashoes. Her bridesmaids wore vibrant purple  matching gowns by La Femme. She and Chad chose not to do pre-wedding photos, making her walk down the aisle a touching first-look moment. They exchanged their vows under a 100-year-old sycamore tree in the gardens of the property. Hidden Garden Floral Studio created a magical setting that included an extravagant floral garland hung from the lowest branch of the tree, offset by lanterns and Moroccan rugs also used for the aisle. An overall cozy way to bring the indoors outside for a garden-like setting.

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Wedding Inspiration

Californians by heart they knew they wanted their wedding at The Adamson House in Malibu, a famous Spanish Revival oceanfront estate with Moroccan and Spanish inspired design. But, when they called for availability they learned there was only one open date left for the year – June 28, leaving one month to pull everything together as they envisioned. By enlisting one fabulous event planner, Geller Events, they were able to achieve their dream of a bohemian Moroccan theme wedding. Sacha and Chad wanted a lively, colorful, family-style celebration that would blend perfectly with the venue’s architecture. A celebration where guests could kick off their shoes, relax and celebrate amidst the romance of the setting.

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Moroccan Theme and Colors

The couple is enchanted with Moroccan and Spanish cultures, finding them to be extremely romantic. For overall inspiration and design details, they pulled from Moroccan architecture, including the Malibu tile work at the Adamson House, fabrics, intricate and gilded lace and the colors of the sea with the rich jewel tones of both cultures.

They did run into a few hiccups along the way for their original plan, as they were hoping for colorful tents, tons of lanterns and candles and a monkey or two. However, with the venue being a state park there encountered several restrictions. Not to be deterred with their vision, Geller Events and the couple were able to achieve the overall vibe, minus a few fun details.

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A Fusion of Color

The main color was a vibrant indigo blue, which is present throughout both regions and is a sacred color that calls to both Sacha and Chad. For accent colors they used the colors of the Malibu sunset and the hues of the ocean – coral, turquoise and various aquas, periwinkles and purples with a bright pop of fuchsia to add contrast. For guests to be uber comfortable during the cocktail hour, Revelry Event Designers created a plush lounge area with large sofas and open daybed-style seating. Scattered lush pillows were used to warm up the look even more. For entertainment, they hired belly dancers for the dinner hour providing added charm and fun for guests. Moroccan tea glasses with Moroccan mint tea and individual lemon cakes were gifted to their friends and family as wedding favors.

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Bridal Advice

With their ability to create this magical setting in one month’s time, we had to ask the bride for her advice and wisdom gained throughout the planning process. In Sacha’s words: “Go with your gut, and don’t be afraid to ditch convention! It is your day!!  Focus more on the experience you want for you and your guests, rather than following a rulebook or formula. Take risks. Don’t take it so seriously and never forget it is about celebrating the most amazing new chapter of your lives. Not being Martha Stewart perfect. Let go once the day arrives, and if things don’t go as planned, enjoy those that do and have fun!  Also, if you can work with a top-notch planner, it relieves a lot of stress. Take care of the most important elements first – venue, dress, theme, color palette, mood and the rest will fall into place.”


Photo by Michael Segal Photography

Planned by Debbie Geller from Geller Events

Ceremony and reception location at Adamson House, Malibu

Getting ready location at Malibu Beach Inn

Flowers by Hidden Garden Flowers

Rentals by Town and Country

Lounge furniture by Mosaik and Revelry Event Design

Linen by La Tavola Linen

Videography by By Design Films

DJ: DJ Jon Brown

Catering by The Kitchen for Exploring Foods