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Michael Segal

Specializing in editorial-style weddings, Segal brings his professional experience as a fashion and celebrity photographer into the wedding itself. He has built a career as a professional photographer who has worked with talents such as the Foo Fighters, John Mayer, and Carrie Underwood.

Jennifer and Sam – La Quinta Resort

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Photographed by Michael Segal Photography

Planned by Michelle Stansfield from Chic Productions

Ceremony at Our Lady of Solitude Palm Springs

Reception venue at La Quinta Resort

Rentals and Flowers by Luna Solomon from Arrangements Floral & Party Design

Lighting/ Entertainment/ Photo Booth by The D’Jay Company

Desserts by Roman Blas from Over the Rainbow Desserts

Michael and Matt – Thunderbird Country Club


This wedding made history — not for being the chicest, though it certainly could, but for being the first same sex wedding at Thunderbird Country Club. And with Celebrations of Joy planning every detail, the first same sex wedding at the Palm Spring Country Club also might be one of the coolest ever: two handsome Grooms, Gaelic touches and an alfresco reception under palm trees. See it all from Michael Segal Photography in The Vault!

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From Celebrations of Joy…The wedding of Michael and Matt took place at the beautiful and historic Thunderbird Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA. It was the first same-sex marriage at the club which counts Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz as founding members. Their vision for their wedding was an elegant chic dinner/ dance party showcasing the desert landscape where Michael’s parents have a home. Wedding florals incorporated many of the popular desert succulents with a vibrant pop of orange, contrasting beautifully with the grooms’ deep navy tuxedos.

Michael, an American from LA and Matt, an Irishman, fell in love in London where both men were pursuing their careers. Touches of Matt’s Irish heritage were incorporated into details of their wedding. Exquisite Desserts created a Guinness flavored cake and empty Guinness beer cans decorated their Just Married golf cart that featured a sign in Irish saying “The Newlyweds”.

After a fun and intimate ceremony and romantic dinner with dancing to the Lucky Devils Band, Michael and Matt had one more surprise up their sleeve: an 80s style prom complete with a starry night themed photo booth, a balloon drop, and boutonnieres and corsages for all their guests. Michael and Matt did a quick change into 1980s classic powder blue and dusty brown tuxes and were crowned King and King of their own prom by comedian Drew Droege doing his impression of Chloe Sevigny.


Photography: Michael Segal Photography

Event Planning: COJ Events

Venue: Thunderbird Country Club

Floral Design: Jensen’s Florist

Rentals + Linen Rentals: Signature Rentals

Lighting: Perfect Touch

Makeup: Samantha Bishop


Band: Lucky Devils Band

MC: Abby Roll

DJ: Daisy O’Dell

Transportation: Lion Transportation

Photo Booth: Social Light

AV for DJ: Modern Media

Desserts: Exquisite Desserts

PARKER PALM SPRINGS – my favorites

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